An LSC Guide Case Study: University of Minnesota

Active Learning Classroom (ALC)

What do we want our learners to become?

  • Fearless, confident, independent learners who don’t shy away from intellectual challenges.
  • Effective collaborators who embrace team work.
  • Sophisticated, discriminating users of information and technology.
  • Creative problem-solvers.
  • Generous teachers who share their knowledge, experiences, and perspectives with others.
  • Our colleagues.

What experiences make that becoming happen?

  • Projects that require authentic application of disciplinary knowledge.
  • Projects that require students to collaborate, to choose issues that matter to them personally, and to find creative solutions to solve the problem.
  • Grading strategies measure standards-based performance rather than identifying a bell-shaped curve of relative performance.
  • Classroom activities that require and reward critical discussion.
  • A collegial, respectful relationship between students and faculty.