From the Archives: Introduction to the LSC Guide


Attempting to shape the future by shaping and reshaping the physical environment for learning is an opportunity to shape and enrich the learning community on a campus into the future. Thus, in the process of planning, building should be seen as both noun (the resulting spaces) and verb (the community served by those spaces). 

In reviewing these pages, you will find how, in under taking planning spaces of different scope and intent, the involved institutional teams were aware that informed discussion around critical questions is a key characteristic of community. Taken together, their experiences suggest characteristics of a community that aspires to realize spaces that enable learning. 

It is a community that:

  • Has a clear understanding of 21st century learners, what they bring to the campus and their aspirations for life and work beyond the campus.
  • Is aware of the 21st century challenges and opportunities that students will face and that influence how institutions prepare students for that future.
  • Understands key questions to be asked at each stage in the process of planning and asks them in a context of mutual respect and shared commitments.
  • Is willing to take risks, seeking collaborators and partnerships within academe and within the larger community of stakeholders.
  • Keeps broadening the discussion, redefining the problem, committed to shaping a community of learners that serves the national interest. 

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