LSC Webinar: Best ideas and lessons learned at the 2011 LSC National Colloquium

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Webinar Report from Cathy Wolfe, George Mason University

Moderator: Jeanne L. Narum, Principal, LSC

The webinar is facilitated by 2011 Colloquium Participants, but is designed to be of value to any and all:

  • Edward D. Gomes, Associate Dean of Technology Services, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences, Duke University
  • Anthony J. Lucarelli, Principal, Grimm + Parker Architects
  • Cathy M. Wolfe, Director of Space Management, George Mason University

January 19, 2012
4:00 p.m. EST

Attention to language and process were among the various threads woven through the colloquium, recognizing the need to have everyone involved in the planning, experiencing, and assessing learning spaces sharing a common mental image about 21st century learners, learning, and learning spaces.

In this webinar, three participants in the 2011 colloquium will put forth best ideas and lessons learned from their experience on institutional planning teams: the project shepherd ; the campus facilities officer, and the architect.

Steps to Consider: Working toward institutional policies and practices for space management that reflect a communal understanding of how 21st century learning spaces serve 21st century learners and learning.


  1. What works: a community with a shared vision about why spaces matter to learning and a shared commitment to managing spaces in ways that serve the learners within their community; the characteristics of such a community, its policies and practices. Perspectives from the webinar facilitators; Reponses from webinar participants.
  2. What might work: roles, opportunities, and challenges for persons in different spheres of responsibility: senior administrator; chief facilities officer; architect (as well as project shepherd, planning teams, standing institutional committees, etc.). Perspectives from the webinar facilitators; Reponses from webinar participants.
  3. From the LSC Colloquium: Best ideas, lessons, learned, and follow-up next steps. Reports from the working groups formed on Sunday. Perspectives from the webinar facilitators; Reponses from webinar participants.
  4. Status of LSC efforts relative to the NSF grant: developing audit templates...and more.