An LSC Roundtable on Spaces for Making: VentureWell Post-Conference Event

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Host:        Learning Spaces Collaboratory (LSC)
Sponsor:   Herman Miller

Date:        Sunday, March 26, 2017
Time:       8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m
Location: 1700 New York Ave. NW, Washington DC (offices of SmithGroupJJR)

Background: In 2016, the LSC piloted an approach for planning learning spaces based on the principle of a roundtable—an opportunity for a small group to convene in a setting designed to prompt collaborative, creative thinking. This approach reflects research on social creativity and experience from the field about how planners can explore and embrace the future when giving attention to the physical environment for learning. The roundtables were envisioned as a think-tank for focusing on the future of planning learning spaces. Five Spring 2016 roundtables were held.  

The Fall 2016 webinars captured stories from the Roundtable portfolios. We share here the story from Virginia Commonwealth University of the evolution of their spaces for innovation and entrepreneurship -- the Da Vinci Center.  

Description: This LSC Roundtable, held in conjunction with the VentureWell Conference Open 2017, will engage academics—faculty and administrators from the VentureWell community and five architects from the LSC community. Unlike 2016 roundtables, the discussion will focus on a particular spatial type—spaces for making—exploring where we are now and what next.

A paper will be drafted following the roundtable. It will include the application essays by academics, examples from architects, and an illustrated summary of roundtable discussions.

To apply: Fill out the online application form for VentureWell members. We're accepting applications on a rolling basis. The application fee for academics is $150.


Adapting the roundtable approach for planning, being, piloting by the Learning Spaces Collaboratory, this will be an orchestrated conversation engaging academics and architects- groups taking the lead evolving the "makerspace" concept, exploring what has been learned from current experience and what questions should be driving the future.

The conversation will involve five architects (selected) from the LSC community and 10 - 15 academics from the VentureWell community. Applicants from the VentureWell community will apply to participate.

Sample Application
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