Spring 2017 LSC Roundtables

Focusing on the Future of Planning Learning Spaces

These LSC Roundtables, piloted in 2016, are a unique opportunity for academics and architects to step away from focusing on a particular project with a specific deadline and budget to engage in open-ended discussions about what keeps them up at night when thinking about planning spaces for learning. The threads of planning and learning are loosely woven through each of the four-hour roundtables. Thinking about planning brought attention to issues such as faculty development and the institutional culture for risk-taking. Thinking about learning brought attention to the student of today—who they are, how they learn, what they are expected to become and be able to do upon graduation.

The concept of the roundtable is that of convening a small number of people—each with a particular field of experience, collectively representing the desired diversity of people to be at the table when an institution focuses on the future of planning learning spaces.  Academics were invited to participate in each roundtable; five architects were selected to participate. The flow of conversations: 

  • Self-introductions: what keeps me up at night (~30 minutes)
  • Self-assembling of three-five person teams: common interests, passions, questions (~30 minutes)
  • Teams tackle their assigned task: identifying a critical question to be addressed in planning; prepare a poster that: a) visually illustrates the question and responses to that question, and: b) makes the case for “why” the question is critical to address in the context of focusing on the future of planning learning spaces (~75 minutes)
  • Teams report out: (~60 minutes)
  • General discussion: What next—why and how (~ 20 minutes)

Periodic stories and reports from the Roundtables are posted on the LSC website.