Rethink Presence from Putting Learning into Library Planning - Scott Bennett

Rethink Presence

Presence involves issues not only of ownership but also of pedagogy. Student services staff are most likely to see their work as fundamentally rooted in issues of pedagogy, whereas librarians and academic technology staff may often think of their work as fundamentally involved with service delivery.33 Consider the importance of a pedagogically rooted understanding of presence in working with classroom faculty to plan effective learning spaces. Again we have important metaphors to think about: those of the “sage on the stage” and of the “guide by the side.” The challenge is to think carefully and deeply about the relationship of students to staff, of novices to experts. The challenge is to think about communities of practice and how students are drawn into those communities, how they cross the thresholds of knowing. The issue of staff presence is the most decisive one in planning library space for learning. Get this one right, and we are likely to have remarkably successful learning outcomes.


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