LSC Roundtables

The Spring 2016 LSC Regional Roundtables and June Forum focused on questions about questions to be asked in planning for the future of learning spaces. Participants brought individual questions to each roundtable, distilling from them some overarching themes, then working in small teams to articulate more audacious, forward-looking questions. In reporting back to the assembled group, each team had to make the case for the relevance of their question in the changing context.

The potential for audacious and relevant questions was built into the roundtable design:

  • They were conceived of as a think-tank, an open discussion among equals.
  • Each had 15 – 18 participants, individuals bringing a particular expertise and sphere of influence to the discussion—from architects engaged with interesting clients/projects to faculty and academic administrators, those responsible for libraries, centers for teaching and learning, technologies, facilities as well as registrars, etc.
  • The focus was not on a particular facilities project. It was on big-picture questions, those framing the future, those that should be asked before, during, and following any facilities initiative (modest or major), those reflecting the changing context within and beyond the campus.
  • They were four-hour sessions, enough time for the back-and-forth discussions between the large group and working teams to realize substantive, provocative questions. 

  • There was an explicit expectation: articulating and making the case for a new generation of questions to drive the future of planning the physical environment for learning that could be shared with the larger LSC community and other constituencies.



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In addition to the Spring Roundtables, the approach was adapted for: