Loose Fit – Long Life

This catchphrase is becoming a maxim for planners responsible for physical environments for learning in the undergraduate setting. In the architectural portfolios for the 2016 Spring LSC Roundtables, registrar-assigned, formal learning spaces (classrooms) are receiving particular attention.

One set of questions addresses the challenges of designing such spaces in a time of pedagogical evolution:

  • How can we design classrooms with the flexibility to serve the growing diversity of pedagogical practices now on our campus and accommodate pedagogical changes over the lifetime of the building?
  • Could flexibility built into the design of the classrooms be used to leverage wider adaptation of research-based pedagogies?
  • How might furniture, in conjunction with technologies, support facile transitions between modes of learning/teaching?

Snapshots from the Portfolios: Classrooms—Examples of transforming existing spaces: 

Snapshots from the Portfolios: Classrooms—Examples of how planning happens