Conquer the Problem Through Collaboration from Putting Learning into Library Planning - Scott Bennett

Conquer the Problem Through Collaboration

Strengthen your focus on learning by enlisting as planning partners other key groups deeply concerned with students’ academic success. These are your colleagues in academic technology; in student services who manage tutoring programs and coach students in effective study habits; and—most important—classroom faculty members. Look for agencies already in place on your campus, such as faculty development programs or committees charged with academic planning, as fertile sources of collaborators.  All of these people bring to the table significantly diverse professional backgrounds, various notions of service, and different standing in the academic hierarchy. These differences can be hard to manage, but they can also be an immense source of strength in keeping library projects focused on learning priorities— rather than just fixing problems with the building. An early insistence on deeply collaborative planning will help ensure that library space is shaped around collaboration and learning and does not settle, as sometimes happens, for the mere co-location of services.


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