A Report on Spaces of Invention Workshop at NCIIA Open 2014 Conference

The d.school at Stanford was an ideal setting for a Spaces of Invention workshop following the annual meeting in San Jose in March. Over fifty participants—representing the NCIIA community of inventors and innovators—spent the day articulating the nature of a 21st century space for nurturing creativity and translating their language into a visual metaphor of such a space. Comments on the most valuable aspects of the workshop included:

  • The emphasis on low-tech solutions to brainstorming learning spaces

  • The replicable ideas that I could execute in my campus

  • Seeing the important role an innovation spaces plays in creating a culture of creativity and entrepreneurial thinking

  • Great to see an actual example of how a space (for invention) could look like, how it can be used….in a setting to be able to ask lots of questions.

  • Lots of structure, but also plenty of time to think and noodle about my own “issues.” 

For workshop materials and resources, go to the event website.