Michelle Smith Collaboratory for Visual Culture

The LSC Guide is shaped around four questions to be addressed in the process of planning classrooms and other learning spaces.

The center of the Michelle Smith Collaboratory for Visual Culture, both conceptually and physically, is a visualization facility containing sophisticated and comprehensive technology customized to support ambitious projects to encourage and promote new understandings through visualization.

What do we want our learners to become?

  • Thoughtful individuals, who search for multiple approaches to problems.
  • Inquiring participants, who question to learn.
  • Creative thinkers, who recognize there may be a new solution.
  • Confident individuals, who appreciate benefits to be gained from collaboration.
  • Tolerant participants, who appreciate diversity of multiple cultures.
  • Effective communicators, with skills for multiple media and venues.

  • University of Maryland College Park: Michelle Smith Collaboratory for Visual Culture
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