What We Do

Through postings on the LSC website, LSC webinars, and presentations at meetings of LSC Collaborating Partners and peer organization, what we do is present stories from the field that insights on addressing common planning challenges toward achieving 21st century learning spaces that:

  • accommodate 21st century research-based pedagogies and curricular approaches

  • encourage collaborative learning within and beyond the formal classroom

  • dissolve boundaries between disciplines, levels of learners, formal and informal learning

  • are contextual, that celebrate and enhance the campus aesthetic

  • make creative, cost-effective, and long-term use of contemporary systems, tools and technologies for facility maintenance and operation

  • illustrate promising practices in reusing, recycling, and renewing existing spaces

  • signal to the broader community what is important to, and distinctive about, that college or university.

From capturing the essence of these stories from the field and of emerging research on how planning happens, through posting, publications, and presentations, the LSC develops resources to inform the work of those with responsibility and opportunity for shaping, reshaping, and maintaining 21st century learning spaces. These include:

  • A paper on the process of visioning for grounding planning in larger institutional visions of what students are to become.

  • A paper on the value of auditing the campus community for determining the present reality.

  • A set of papers on questions to ask at different stages in the planning process.

  • Reflective essays from the field on various aspects of the planning process

  • A Guide: Planning for Assessing 21st Century Learning Spaces for 21st Century Learners

  • Essays on Spaces designed to Nurture Creativity

  • Excerpts from past LSC webinars

  • Reports from past LSC workshop presentations. 

Vision, Goals & Strategies: A guide for planning learning spaces
A Learning Spaces Collaboratory Working Paper