Upcoming LSC Webinars

The primary goal of the PKAL LSC is to inform the work of campus planning teams with responsibility for shaping, maintaining, and renewing undergraduate learning environments—whether the focus be remodeling a single classroom; recycling an out-dated library; renovating for interdisciplinary STEM learning and research; redesigning the landscape/greening the campus; imagining, designing, constructing, and maintaining a major new facility; developing/implementing a multi-year agenda for shaping formal and informal learning spaces campus-wide.

The PKAL LSC Webinars are one strategy to realize that goal. Webinars will be a time for dialogue with experienced practitioners about what works in addressing challenges and/or opportunities facing those responsible for learning environments in the undergraduate setting.

The webinar framework:

  • Topic announced. In registering for the webinar, participants are invited to submit a question or comment for discussion.
  • Resources posted. Resources from the PKAL learning spaces archive, from the work of the facilitator and from the broader community of stakeholders, will be posted prior to the webinar. Following the webinar, summaries will be posted on the PKAL LSC website.
  • Format. The one-hour webinar will move back-and-forth in dialogue between the facilitators and the audience of participants. A summary of the PPT will be posted prior to the event. Participants will be alerted to key issues and questions to be discussed.
  • Audience. Each webinar will address a specific issue, but all will be designed to inform the broader group of stakeholders. The design of the webinars, as with all PKAL LSC efforts, is to build a greater collective awareness of the complexity and interconnectedness of issues to be addressed in the process of planning learning spaces. (Thus, diverse groups around the webinar table are encouraged!)
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